2.3 Mentoring

A mentor is a counselor into whose hands is entrusted the teaching of the next generation. Odysseus, preparing to leave for war, entrusted the care of his son, Telemachus, to Odysseus' best friend, whose name was Mentor. Each junior researcher must have a mentor, an advisor or professor or principal investigator to watch out for them, to encourage and challenge them. Junior researchers need advice both on technical aspects of their research and on the broader social aspects of making a good life as a professional.

Your assignment is set up an interview with a mentor or advisor. Preferably, the person you interview will be your mentor or advisor, a faculty member in your department. Request a 30 minute meeting and inform them that you would like to discuss authorship, intellectual property, and research ethics education. Send them the Bronson/Comstock "Mentor interview" form to your left. Use it, or not, as you wish, to structure your conversation. Record your findings and be prepared to discuss them with the class.

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